The paperless customs clearance with BEO-ATLAS-EXPORT and BEO-ATLAS IMPORT effectively saves time and money.The modular system concept can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT architecture, is being adapted to current legal changes. The software solution is used for electronic data transmission to the relevant customs authorities or import customs offices.


BEO-PARCEL provides you with all relevant data and shipping documents for smooth processing at home and abroad as well as seamless shipment tracking and interaction with our logistics partners: Via Internet you can follow the way of your shipment. Track from any point on route to Goal-accompanying safety on arrival. With the additional module BEO-KEP INFO you have the possibility of package data on a provided Web server which is available for the customer, sales organization and its employees


SANKTIONSPRÜFUNG test is a practical tool for the legally binding control on the basis of relevant regulations. The statutory audit is responsible for both domestic and foreign contacts. We offer the use of BEO-export control for Foreign Trade Legally. Within the framework of export controls the embargo countries are to be observed and tested. Thus here a rigorous examination is ensured.


Since 1 January 2011 EMCS is mandatory throughout Europe. We are bidding on this remit at a new module: BEO-EMCS. With the new electronics-AD is the accompanying administrative document (BVD) excise duty in the carriage of goods such as Beer, champagne, spirits, tobacco products and energy products replaced.


NCTS(New Computerized Transit System) is a computerized customs system to speed up the shipping process, to safeguard against fraud and for maximum efficiency. It's not about waiting times at the customs offices, as the applications sent electronically by the principal to the office of departure.


With BEO – PRÄFERENZ original data of all components contained in the product determine the enjoyment of preferential treatment of goods demonstrated.The calculation is based on the stored values of rules for all countries or only specified destination for which the goods are created. Significant time savings, seamless legal security and tariff reductions will be guaranteed with liberty for convincing result. BEO SUPPLIER'S DECLARATION takes care of the incoming and outgoing vendor declarations.


BEO-E-DEC Import(Swiss import) is the electronic cargo processing module of the Federal Customs Administration,the fast customs clearance combined with little effort and customs security. Combined with BEO-ATLAS-EXPORT it’s the ideal combination.


With BEO-EXPOWIN-our professional solution for your shipment processing-canbe reached in daily business multiple benefits:Efficient handling of shipping and export business through the acquisition of process data from your existing system. Use of master data, automatic documentation,summaries,Shipping Statistics and uniform settlement across multiple jobs.


BEO Kunden Information Zoll (KIZ). Customs-professional-portal to meet the compliance requirements.The Customer Information Customs (In German: KIZ) of BEO managed the dutiable information goods on a transparent and legally compliant platform.

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